Arice is the proud owner of CORE and MORE and began incorporating Pilates into her everyday life in 2000. She is nationally certified as a Pilates teacher and a licensed occupational therapist. She provides specialized instruction in small group classes and individual sessions and creates an environment that inspires clients to reach their personal fitness goals. Using her experience as an occupational therapist, she designs Pilates classes that combine strengthening and functional skills for living. As a result, her classes inspire and motivate clients to reach their personal fitness goals. She combines all of her past experiences with the knowledge of Pilates to enhance flexibility, balance and strength for people of all abilities.  Arice opened CORE and MORE in 2017, which is conveniently accessible to Wilbraham, Ludlow, Palmer, Springfield, Chicopee and East Longmeadow. Arice is also a proud participant in the Scantic Valley Regional Health Trust Wellness Program.